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As a catalyst to information technology (IT) innovation and business growth, government can strengthen the technology sector and foster the creation of new companies and jobs through enacting and supporting public policies that:

  • Ensure healthy competitive markets in the cloud computing era.
  • Promote privacy, security, and consumer safety.
  • Strengthen STEM* education and technology training.

Therefore, members of Voices for Innovation urge leaders at all levels of government to support the following policy priorities through legislation and enforcement:

Promoting a Fair, Competitive Technology Marketplace

Public policies and government actions must promote marketplace competition in all important technology sectors. Government should support innovation by ensuring intellectual property (IP) incentives that enable innovators to protect the value of their work. Governments can also foster economic opportunity through enforcing existing laws that curtail dishonest business practices.

Fighting IT Theft

Large-scale software theft by companies in high-piracy nations hurts U.S. competitiveness, hampers innovation, and costs software developers tens of billions of dollars in losses annually. IT theft prevents American IT firms from expanding and growing their businesses in new markets. This theft also costs the U.S. government over $6 billion annually in lost tax revenues, thereby putting a higher burden on U.S. citizens and businesses. The Federal Trade Commission and states must utilize existing laws to fight this economically draining crime.

Supporting Uniform and Minimal Regulation of Internet Services

The U.S. is a leader in Internet technology. Businesses and consumers must not be disadvantaged in international competition for Internet jobs and services. Internet Protocol voice text and video services, such as Lync and Skype, should not be hindered by a patchwork of legacy state utility telecommunications rules. The Federal government and the states need to enable a sensible, uniform legislative and regulatory regime that fosters Internet services innovation, ensures consumer choice and protection, encourages investment and minimizes compliance burdens and costs.

Promoting STEM Education and Technology Training

Our nation must elevate student interest and make smart investments in IT skills training, STEM education, and computer science curriculum. Grade school, high school, higher education, and workforce training must all provide access to IT learning that enables success in the 21st-century, tech-driven global economy.

Supporting Safe, Reliable Cloud Computing

A safe, secure, reliable Internet infrastructure is essential to American businesses, institutions, government, families, and individuals. We need reasonable and comprehensive public policies, including the modernization of outdated laws, that strengthen cybersecurity, protect privacy, and limit IT infrastructure vulnerabilities, while enabling cloud computing to thrive.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

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