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Well must start in the classrooms, if computer literacy is expected. We must then have the 2020-2026 obligation of every one 8 years – 80 years in the U.S., the tool, training, and support to manage there digital foot print’s.

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Mr. Mountain

Computer Science Education for Every Student

Sign the petition below to voice your support for bringing computer science to American students. Leaders at all levels of government should develop and support policies that provide access to computer science learning for students of all ages, including adult job-seekers.

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Yes, I Support Computer Science in America’s Classrooms!

I join with other Americans in calling on Congress, state governments, and local leaders to support computer science education and training.

Every student should have the opportunity to learn about and participate in creating the technology that’s changing our world. Learning basic computer science helps nurture creativity and problem-solving skills that help prepare students for any future career and path in life.

Today, technology is fundamental to our economy, our communications, and our way of life. It should also be a central part of American education.