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VFI members in Massachusetts have an opportunity to support an important new initiative.

Massachusetts Competes is a coalition of Microsoft partners, businesses, organized labor, and citizens' groups who have come together to support efforts to grow Massachusetts' innovation economy and protect jobs.

By joining the coalition, you are standing up for Massachusetts' industry, economy, and working families. Coalition members declare support to end unfair competition created by those who use stolen IT.

Massachusetts' Attorney General Martha Coakley, along with 38 other state AGs, recently signed a letter to the FTC declaring their willingness to address the problem of stolen IT.  Massachusetts Competes is bringing on new members to support fair competition initiatives that are gaining momentum and will have a positive impact on Massachusetts' economy.

  • PROTECT JOBS – Massachusetts has a solid manufacturing industry that provides good jobs with good wages. Precision manufacturing companies, high-end clothing makers, high tech manufacturers, and machine shops all employ thousands of Massachusetts' residents. Steps can and should be taken today that protect these jobs and protect the thousands of working and middle class families in Massachusetts.

  • SUPPORT INNOVATION – From the Tech Boom along 128 to today's growth in biotech and high tech industries, Massachusetts has led the way in fostering an environment of innovation. Strong higher education, highly skilled work force, and first-rate infrastructure allow ideas to become local businesses, and local businesses to become industries for the nation. Massachusetts has always been at the forefront of the innovation economy. Continuing to support the cultivation of innovation is critical to our future success. 

  • FAIR IS FAIR – We all learned that stealing is wrong. You aren't allowed to steal from your neighbor. Companies need to be held to this same basic standard. When a company steals IT, they are cheating to gain an unfair advantage over our local companies who do play by the rules. Cutting corners and stealing is not tolerated when an individual engages in these activities; we need to start holding businesses to the same standard.

By providing your information below, you will show your support and interest in receiving more information on the Massachusetts Competes coalition. VFI will provide your information to the coalition for someone to follow up with you.

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