CA AB1791 Support

WHEREAS, the State of California procures billions of dollars worth of goods and services, and awards hundreds of contracts annually; and 

WHEREAS, California lost $1.6 billion in economic activity, 20,000 jobs, and $700 million in tax revenue in 2011 due to software piracy; and

WHEREAS, companies that use unlicensed IT, including software, compete unfairly and illegally against companies that comply with copyright laws; and

WHEREAS, in all contracts with the State of California, vendors agree to comply with existing laws and contracting requirements, including the Nondiscrimination Clause, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Sweatfree Code of Conduct, the Child Support Compliance Act, and many others;

We, the undersigned, support passage and enforcement of California AB 1791 concerning Public Contracts: Computer Software, which requires that state contractors certify that they have appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure that the use of computer software complies with applicable copyright laws.

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