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I’m probably the ‘old guy’ here. Got my MS in Comp Sci, in 1971. I must admit that Comp Sci has (had) been good to me (career and monetarily) for many years. However, somewhere in the late 90’s the profession, has taken a downward spiral. It is no longer a career – it’s a job. Endless deadlines, nano-managing project mangers, cube farm work environment, endless change for the sake of change (this eats your personal time trying to keep up with all the “wonderful new innovations”). No upward career path – unless you think project/IT manager is an advancement.

To add the greatest insult – H1B people replacing full time employees at Disney and Pacific Gas and Electric – and forcing the employees to train their replacements. This is what the corps really think of comp sci people – bodies.

Having developed all kinds of systems, for the past 44 years, I feel qualified
in expressing this opinion. Young people should aim higher than Comp Sci.